Friday, September 6, 2013


Dear President Obama:
Please, please, please read the polls which indicate over 80% of the American public are opposed to any kind of military action against Syria. The use of poison gas was horrible, but this is a civil war and Syria does not pose a threat to our security or are they a country in our national interest. The whole world signed off on the 1925 treaty banning chemical weapons, but you and the United States are the only country in the world who feels they have to step in and do something about Syria using chemical weapons. The picture that ran today on the front page of the NY Times showing rebels assassinating Syria troops should prove to you we would be backing the wrong side if we attacked Syria. Swallow your pride, Mr. President, and don't do anything and in a few weeks the right wingers will dream up something else to attack you about. An attack on Syria would open up a whole new can of worms.
Bill Corcoran, Fmr. Cpl (E-4) U.S. Army Combat Engineers, Korean War Veteran

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