Wednesday, June 12, 2013


This song was written as a tribute to Jodi Arias who has been convicted of murder and will either die from lethal injection or will spend the rest of her life in prison for killing her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

Jodi Arias is just 32 years old and I have gotten to know her from her blog, Twitter "tweets" and My Space.

What a waste.  Jodi made the mistake of thinking sex was love and all Travis Alexander was doing was using her.

Hot on the heels of the video, here’s one of JM’s posts from last week, titled “32 Reasons To Love Jodi Arias”:
1) Her tenderness. She has a huge heart.
2) Her intelligence. She is so smart and knowledgeable about so many different things.
3) Her voice. I love to listen to her talk because her voice is so soothing.
4) Her laugh. I hate listening to the sex tape, but the only thing I could possibly find positive about it is that I like her laugh.
5) Her smile. She hasn’t had a lot to smile about lately, but I love her smile-with or without showing teeth.
6) She doesn’t take any crap from HLN or others. I love a woman like that.
7) Her eyeglasses. The only thing negative about them I could ever say is that they cover her eyes. Which leads to #8.
8) Her eyes. I love Jodi’s eyes. Maybe I’m crazy, but I can see so much love and pain in those eyes of hers.
9) Her sense of humor. I got to see that on her blogs and even on some of her Twitter tweets.
10) She rose from humble beginnings to become a self-made woman.
11) Her bond with her sister. She’s very family-oriented and while her relationship with her Mom and Dad has been strained, I know that her and her sister love each other very much.
12) She is beautiful as a blonde or brunette. Jodi could shave her head and be beautiful to me.
13) She stood her ground against Don Juan Martinez.
14) Her paintings.
15) Her drawings.
32 reasons to love Jodi Arias
16) Her writings.
17) How she wants to prepare herself for an interview. I know some people find it to be vain or “diva-like”, but I find it endearing for some reason. Personally, I already think she is beautiful anyway with or without makeup.
18) She likes Napoleon Hill and often quotes from his books. Yes, Travis did, too, but Travis obviously didn’t apply a lot of Dr. Hill’s lessons to his life.
19) She coined the phrase “Nancy Disgrace”. How can you not love her for that?
20) Her singing voice. She has a beautiful singing voice and sounds like an angel.
21) Her love of animals. Bonus points with me.
22) Her love of children. I think that Jodi would be a wonderful mother someday.
23) Her positive mental attitude. All women have PMS, but not all women have PMA. Jodi does.
24) She didn’t back down from the jury to the point of even displaying her “Survivor” t-shirt in court. Chutzpah? Yes. But when I saw that I couldn’t help but smile.
25) She didn’t take any crap from the TV reporters before the “hung jury” decision. Even the local news anchor she liked that turned on her, she didn’t back down from him either.
26) Her sincerity. I know that Jodi will do whatever she says she’s going to do for domestic abuse victims. I would just rather her be outside of a jail or prison cell doing that.
27) Her taste in movies.
28) Her taste in music.
29) Her interests as listed on her MySpace account. Any woman who lists “stargazing” as an interest you’ve got to love.
30) Her facial expressions in the trial. I really pay a lot of attention to people’s body language and I remember watching Jodi a lot during the trial when someone else was speaking and trying to figure out what she was thinking. I just really like how she focuses on someone and then another person.
31) Her romanticism. Some people talk about how sexual she is, but they fail to see that what Jodi wants more than anything is to love and to be loved. It’s not just a want, but a need for her. And, she has a very romantic soul.
32) Last but not least, her generosity. She is very charitable with her money and her artwork which she does not have to do. And she never forgets those who treat her with kindness. I want to send her one of my poems that I wrote so that she reads it and it lifts her spirits. I don’t expect a response back from her, but if I do get one, I’ll be very grateful. It’s more important for me that she feels happy knowing that someone out there cares about her and helped make her smile that day.

Play video here or click on arrow on picture of Jodi and her grandparents dog.


The worst suicide bomber attack in two years has killed two dozen people outside the US embassy in Afghanistan.


The situation in Iraq continues to deteriorate and now there are reports that Iraq and Syria militants have morphed into a single battle field. 

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