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Iraq conflict has killed a million, says survey

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Source: Reuters

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LONDON, Jan 30 (Reuters) - More than one million Iraqis have died as a result of the conflict in their country since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, according to research conducted by one of Britain's leading polling groups.

The survey, conducted by Opinion Research Business (ORB) with 2,414 adults in face-to-face interviews, found that 20 percent of people had had at least one death in their household as a result of the conflict, rather than natural causes.

The last complete census in Iraq conducted in 1997 found 4.05 million households in the country, a figure ORB used to calculate that approximately 1.03 million people had died as a result of the war, the researchers found.

The margin of error in the survey, conducted in August and September 2007, was 1.7 percent, giving a range of deaths of 946,258 to 1.12 million.

ORB originally found that 1.2 million people had died, but decided to go back and conduct more research in rural areas to make the survey as comprehensive as possible and then came up with the revised figure.

The research covered 15 of Iraq's 18 provinces. Those that not covered included two of Iraq's more volatile regions -- Kerbala and Anbar -- and the northern province of Arbil, where local authorities refused them a permit to work.

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Baghdad Hospital: Inside the Red Zone

In this short clip from an HBO documentary, you hear an Iraqi woman crying out; "it wasn't like this under Saddam Hussein" as she is rushed by ambulance to a hospital in Baghdad after still another suicide bombing.


FOX NEWS's Brit Hume, John Gibson, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly continue to tell their viewers how well everything is going in Baghdad since the "surge" was launched.

The quartet of so-called journalists from FOX NEWS have a penchant for not reporting on anything that is of a negative nature coming out of Iraq

So it will come as no surprise if FOX NEWS and their top anchors continue the pattern of providing FOX NEWS viewers with only "happy talk" about Iraq and not the reality of what is really taking place in Iraq, and especially Baghdad where the "surge" supposedly has brought about fantastic results according to FOX NEWS.

The fact that 17 bodies have been found in Baghdad---some of them beheaded---will undoubtedly slip by the eyes of Brit Hume, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and John Gibson.

And FOX NEWS still has the audacity to call themselves "fair and balanced."

By Bill Corcoran, editor of the blog a site which continues to bring updates on what is really happening in Iraq and Afghanistan and not watered down White House "spin."

Iraqi security finds 17 bodies in Baghdad, some beheaded 2008-01-29 21:00:19

Special report: Tension escalates in Iraq

BAGHDAD, Jan. 29 (Xinhua) -- Iraqi security forces found 17 unidentified bodies, some of which were beheaded, in the volatile province of Diyala on Tuesday, a provincial police source said.

"A joint Iraqi army and police force discovered 17 bodies believed to be killed by the al-Qaida in Iraq militant group in a rural area near the city of Miqdadiya, 90 km northeast of Baghdad," the source told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.

Some of the bodies were beheaded and the others were intact, said the source, added that all the victims were shot dead.

The area, where the Iraqi security forces made the gruesome discovery, is a stronghold for Sunni Islamists of al-Qaida who fight the U.S. and Iraqi troops.