Tuesday, September 20, 2011



This is a sideshow of pics and video from our deployment to Afghanistan in 2010. 2010 was the deadliest year for coalition forces since Operation Enduring Freedom commenced in 2001. Everyday our truck platoon showed extreme courage and uncommon valor in the face of a formidable enemy force. As a whole our platoon encountered over 50 IED blasts. I was involved in 5 blasts personally. I am truly proud to have served with each and ever Marine and Sailor during OEF 10.2. From Delaram to Golestan and Gereshk to Sangin we traveled some of the most dangerous deserts on this planet in order to accomplish the mission. Day in and day out these young men showed what true American resolve means. I pray the lord blesses these young men and gives them peace after all we have been through. They are true American Patriots.

The reason I chose Young by Hollywood Undead was because of the lyrics. In the beginning they talk about how we are young and we are strong. We were born into this world when Afghanistan was at war and it seemed that the Cold War was going to tare us apart.

Then you see the destruction of Afghanistan as well as the WTC in an efforts to show how America is responsible for the rise of Taliban after the civil war that killed so many in the eary 1990's.

I show explosion after explosion in order to show everyone that IED where an everyday thing for us in Southern Afghanistan.

When you see any combat or aircraft providing close air support it is more than likely at FOB Jackson in the middle of Sangin proper. In November FOB Jackson was attacked by over 100 plus Taliban in an effort to overrun the perimeter. Luckily British Apaches and A-10's were in the skies above Sangin that day in order to provide close air support.