Friday, January 18, 2013


One person was killed and 33 were injured when a suicide bomber attacked the Afghanistan National Security base.

Afghanistan National Security is supposed to be getting ready to take control of security when the U.S. pulls out all 66,000 troops in 2014.

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Notre Dame University has a long and glorious history of football excellence, but when the curtain is pulled back there have been a series of scandals that have been covered up by the "Fighting Irish."

Two rapes by Notre Dame football players resulted in one girl committing suicide and now there is strange story of Notre Dame captain Manti Teo and his alleged affair with a girl who never existed.

You can read the details of the scandals involving Notre Dame football players here:

Over 20 years ago, I investigated another Notre Dame star football player, Demetrius Dubose, who had accepted $15,000 from Notre Dame supporters.

I traced the money to a Seattle bank where two of the directors were on the board of Notre Dame university.

I took my findings to the NCAA and was told Notre Dame investigates itself and doesn't answer to the NCAA investigations.

Later, I was told by the sports editor of the LA Times that I had done a good job, but to forget about it because Notre Dame lets the campus police and the South Bend police department investigate any scandals involving the Notre Dame football team.

The kicker was the LA Times sports editor was a Notre Dame graduate.