Friday, November 30, 2012


 There are many reasons why you should not trust FOX NEWS to bring you the truth, however the most important reason IMO is because FOX NEWS has loaded up their programs with retired military personnel and retired politicians who are now working as lobbyists for a wide variety of defense contractors who would like to see the United States engaged in more wars.

FOX NEWS has been critical of President Obama's plan to pull all troops out of Afghanistan by 2014 and FOX NEWS trots out scores of former military personnel and political pundits from the Bush and Cheney administration who cite all kinds of reasons why exiting Afghanistan would be a bad idea.

The biggest problem with their thinking is they don't provide any reason why we should stay in Afghanistan other than to say the country would fall into the hands of Al Qaida again if we pull all of our troops out of the country.

Afghanistan has such a weak government that it won't make any difference how long we stay in Afghanistan because once we do leave the country will be taken over by Al Qaida, or elements of Al Qaida, and the Taliban.

FOX NEWS has been careful to never mention the number of young Americans killed in Afghanistan.

The latest figures released by the Department of Defense indicates over 2,000 young Americans have been killed in Afghanistan over the ten years we have been waging a war in the country.

FOX NEWS did the same thing with the war in Iraq and never mentioned the number of Americans killed in that war.

According to the Department of Defense over 4,700 young Americans were killed in the Iraq war and another 70,000 were seriously wounded including many who will be disabled for the rest of their lives.

The Iraq War was started when President Bush and Vice President Cheney lied to the American people and to Congress about how Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass destruction and was close to producing a nuclear bomb.

United States forces who invaded Iraq never found any weapons of mass destruction nor did they find any facilities capable of producing a nuclear bomb.

President Obama pulled all U.S. troops out of Iraq two years ago and the fragile Iraq government has become friends with Iran and now Al Qaida and other terrorist elements are creating havoc all across Iraq.

Yesterday 52 Iraqi civilians were killed and 236 were injured when an Al Qaida led attack killed them as they made their way to a religious gathering.

The former military personnel and retired politicians who appear on FOX NEWS used every appearance as a means to suggest the United States should go to war with Iran, Syria and even North Korea.

FOX NEWS also never mentions our troops are stretched to the breaking point and it would be impossible for the United States to get involved in another war without re-instating the military draft.

Judging on how the American public and the mainstream media have turned a deaf ear on the war in Afghanistan it is obvious the citizens of the United States do not have an appetite for another war---especially if the next war would have to be fought with their own children and grandchildren who would be drafted into the United States military.

Iraq Bloodbath: 54 Killed, 237 Wounded in Attacks against Shi’ite Pilgrims and Security Forces --

IRAQ is coming apart at the seams. 

54 killed and 237 wounded in Iraq bloodbath.

While FOX NEWS and three GOP Senators concentrate on destroying SUSAN RICE and her possible nomination as Secretary of State, Iraq is falling apart and it appears as though the 4,700 Americans killed in the Iraq was all for nothing.

FOX NEWS and Republican Senators McCain, Graham and Ayotte have been spinning everything Susan Rice said about the Benghazi, Libya attack that killed 4 Americans while at the same time ignoring the lies told by the Bush administration that put the U.S. into a war in Iraq that eventually killed over 4,700 young Americans and left over 70,000 seriously wounded.

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Iraq Bloodbath: 54 Killed, 237 Wounded in Attacks against Shi’ite Pilgrims and Security Forces --