Wednesday, January 2, 2008


The media was all excited when it was announced the British troops would be pulling out of Basra, Iraq, but look what has happened now.

Mortars hit British base in Basra-Security source

Basra - Voices of Iraq
Wednesday , 02 /01 /2008 Time 9:02:54

Basra, Jan 2, (VOI) - Mortars rounds hit the British base at Basra airport on Wednesday, while police arrested the killer of the police non-commissioner for northern Basra, a security source said on Wednesday. “Three mortar rounds landed in the British base at Basra airport. No further details are currently available,” a Basra security said.He added “Al-Maaqal police forces captured the station’s non-commissioner Qutaiba Aziz’s killer in Al-Maaqal.”He noted “non-commissioner Aziz was killed by unknown gunmen one month ago.” British soldiers are stationed in one base now - the Basra International Airport, 25 km northeast of Basra - after handing over the former presidential palaces, which they had used as a military base, to the Iraqi forces.The British forces in Basra, 590 km south of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, maintain a presence of 5,250 troops within the Multi-National Forces in Iraq after withdrawing 1,600 soldiers over the past few months.Britain was the United States' prime ally in the March 2003 invasion of Iraq.


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54 journalists killed in Iraq in 2007 - IJRDA

Baghdad - Voices of Iraq
Wednesday , 02 /01 /2008 Time 9:02:54

Baghdad, Jan 2, (VOI)- The annual report of the Iraqi Journalists’ Rights Defending Association (IJRDA) said on Wednesday that working as a journalist in Iraq remains the most dangerous job in the world, noting that a total of 54 journalists and media workers have been killed in the country during 2007.
"Journalists, reporters and media staffs face arresting malicious lawsuits, which negatively affect the freedom of expression and the press work in the country," the IJRDA said in its report received by the independent news agency voices of Iraq (VOI)."The absence of a legislation which organizes the media work in Iraq creates many problems and misleads journalists, who face lawsuits for publishing untrue news," it added."Arresting and suing campaigns against journalists require quick action to support and defend them before the court," the statement also said."The Iraqi Journalists’ Rights Defending Association launched a legal division, defense committee, and telephone hotline on August 18 for Iraqi journalists facing libel or defamation lawsuits. The IJRDA would provide lawyers, free of charge, to any journalist accused of violating publishing regulations. The group advertised the hotline contact information in Iraqi newspapers and with news agencies," said the association's release."A total of 54 journalists have been killed in 2207. Most of the fatalities have taken place in Baghdad and Ninewa. All of the attacks were launched by unknown gunmen," the release explained."31 journalists have been detained, 10 kidnapped, 6 of them were freed later, while 4 still missing," it noted.Unidentified gunmen, suicide bombers, and U.S. military activity all posed fatal risks for Iraqi journalistsThe IJRDA called on the Iraqi parliament to discuss raids against media institutions issue.The Paris-based Reporters Without Borders (RSF) said last October that 54 journalists and media workers have been killed in Iraq since the beginning of 2007, while the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) said that a total of 234 journalists have been killed in the country since the U.S.-led invasion in March 2003.The watchdog had placed Iraq in 157 rank in its annual press freedom index."The Iraqi journalists were killed by armed groups or militias angered by their coverage or ideologically opposed to their employers. Others were caught in crossfire," it highlighted."The situation in Iraq deteriorated further during the year as the safety of journalists became more precarious," RSF added.“Working as a journalist in Iraq remains one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet,” said Committee to Protect Journalists CPJ Executive Director Joel Simon.


8 killed, 16 wounded in Baaquba bombing attack

Diala - Voices of Iraq
Wednesday , 02 /01 /2008 Time 9:02:54

Baaquba, Jan 2, (VOI)- At least eight persons, including two policemen, were killed and 16 others, including awakening council fighters, were injured on Wednesday when a suicide bomber blew herself up near the travel and nationality department in central Baaquba, a security source said.
"A suicide bomber blew up an explosive belt strapped to her body on Wednesday afternoon near the travel and nationality department in Naaquba al-Jadida region in central Baaquba, killing eight, including two policemen, and injuring 16, including awakening council fighters," the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI).Chief of the Diala police department Gneneral Ghanem al-Qureshi had said earlier that a suicide bomber blew up an explosive belt strapped to her body near the travel and nationality department in Baaquba al-Jadida region at the center of the city, leaving unspecified number of casualties.Baaquba, the capital of Diala, lies 57 km northeast of Baghdad.


The violence in Iraq continues from one end of the country to the other, however the mainstream media here in the United States is totally focuse on Iowa caucus and are paying little or no attention at all to what is taking place in Iraq.

On Wednesday, January 2, the following incidents were reported in the Iraq mediam, but were all but ignored by media here:

Security incidents:Baghdad:#1: In the same neighborhood, eastern Zayouna neighborhood, a roadside bomb targeting a police patrol wounded six people Wednesday - three police and three civilians, a police officer said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to release information.#2: update--Relatives wept as the remains of victims from a suicide bombing at a funeral were placed into coffins Wednesday, while police increased the attack's death toll by four to 36 killed in Baghdad's deadliest attack since August.Diyala Prv:Baquba:

#1: A suicide bombing Wednesday in the city of Baqouba killed seven people and wounded 22, police said. In Wednesday's attack, the bomber detonated his explosives near a hospital in the center of the city. The dead included a policeman and two members of a U.S.-backed armed volunteer group, the Brigades of 1920s Revolution, a police officer said.

#2: A roadside bomb detonated, late last night, in Abo Sida district, near Baaquba, killing a civilian," the source, who asked not to be named, told the independent news agency Voices of Iraq#3: the same source reported the injury of an Iraqi soldier when "four mortars landed on Abo Sida district Tuesday evening.Kut:#1: Gunmen attacked a house and killed two brothers -- a soldier and a policeman -- overnight in a town near the city of Kut, 110 km (105 miles) southeast of Baghdad, police said.Basra:#1: Three mortar rounds landed in the British base at Basra airport. No further details are currently available,” a Basra security said.Mosul:#1: U.S. forces said they had accidentally killed a woman when they fired a missile from a helicopter at a group planting a bomb on Tuesday evening in the northern city of Mosul, 390 km (240 miles) north of Baghdad. The missile missed its target and struck a nearby building, the U.S. military said.#2: The body of an Iraqi soldier was found on Tuesday in Mosul a day after he was kidnapped, police said.

#4: The bodies of two men were found shot near Mosul on Tuesday, police said.

#5: An improvised explosive device went off on Wednesday near a patrol vehicle belonging to Ninewa police's 5th squad in Mosul's eastern neighborhood of al-Baath, wounding a policeman," the source, who preferred to remain unnamed, told the independent news agency Voices of Iraq#5: Two other police personnel were injured when unknown gunmen opened fire on their patrol car in al-Nour neighborhood, eastern Mosul," the source added

.#6: A U.S. Soldier died as a result of a non-combat related injury in the vicinity of Qayyarah Airfield West Dec. 31.