Thursday, May 9, 2013

JON STEWART rips into HLN's NANCY GRACE for the way she "covered" the JODI ARIAS trial.

HLN's Nancy (Dis)Grace is the lowest person who has ever been on TV.  She hosts her own show on HLN and has been calling for the death of JODI ARIAS since the trial started.  

Grace was once a practicing lawyer who screwed up so many cases one woman committed suicide and in another case a rapist was let go and went out and raped again. 

The whole stable of  "on air" personalities at HLN are "haters," but what goes around, comes around.  Each of them will be their taste of the "hate" they peddled about Jodi Arias. 

Revenge is sweetest when it's old and cold.

Watch Jon Stewart tear Nancy (Dis)Grace to shreds here:

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