Sunday, May 5, 2013


Fox News is spearheading the drive to launch an investigation into what happened when the Benghazi, Libya "listening post" was attacked by terrorists six months ago resulting in the death of U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, and three other Americans.

A congressional investigation will be held Wednesday with what Fox News says are three "whistle-blowers" who are expected to testify on what happened during the fatal attack on the "listening post."

The whole investigation and Fox News participation in the hearing is to somehow make former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton look bad as well as President Obama.

Where was Fox News when CIA agent Valerie Plame was outed by "Scooter" Libby, who took the fall for Vice President Dick Cheney who wanted to go to war with Iraq and Plame's husband went to Niger and wrote a piece for the Wall Street Journal saying he didn't find any enriched uranium in the African country.

Cheney was furious and immediately put into motion a way to get back Valerie Plame's husband so he had "Scooter" Libby leak Plame's CIA job to the New York Times. Plame, who had a long and distinguished career with the CIA, was fired.

The Benghazi, Libya investigation is ridiculous in comparison to how the Bush/Cheney administration lied to everyone in the United States about how Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction and the capability of making a nuclear bomb.

After the United States went to war with Iraq, there was never any WMDs found or anything that resembled a nuclear capability in Iraq, but by that time over 4,500 young Americans had been killed in Iraq and another 60,000 were seriously wounded with injuries that will leave them disabled for life.

The attack on the Benghazi, Libya "listening post" (the American embassy is in Tripoli, Libya) cost the lives of four Americans as compared to the 4,500 Americans killed in the Iraq war.

The whole Benghazi investigation is a Republican dog 'n pony show and a total waste of time and money with Fox News as the only news organization who are acting as the propaganda branch for Republicans conducting the investigation.

Bill Corcoran, Chicago,

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