Monday, April 15, 2013


Well-known defense attorney Mark Geragos says it is highly unlikely the Jodi Arias jury will sentence her to death because they have gotten to know her and especially because in the jury questions they addressed them to :"JODI."

Geragos, who was appearing on the Geraldo Rivera At Large show on Fox News, says he originally thought Arias would be acquitted, but now he thinks it could end up
a Manslaughter 2 verdict.

Manslaughter 2 normally carries a sentence of 15 to 20 years, but because Arias has already served five years behind bars, the sentence could be greatly reduced even to a point like Casey Anthony where Jodi Arias would be let out on bond.

If that were to happen, I would expect half the country to go into cardiac arrest.

Here is the link to discussion between Rivera and Geragos on the Jodi Arias trial:


Anonymous said...

If the witness intimidation refers to Alyce that's BS.I believe-based on reports I've heard- that there is NO basis for this. No stalking-the defense has been parading her around!! Trips to ER- who else but AL or the defense would release that info-IF she ever went? Defense is desparate- they NEED a mistrials and will do what they can to get one. I hope they don't succeed!

Bill Corcoran said...

Would you volunteer to put the needle in Jodi's arm killing her? If the answer is yes, then why? What did she do to you? I see you are too chicken to put a name on your comment so maybe you are an Alexander. Oh, and don't forget to go to church this Sunday and tell your GOD what a spiritual life you have been leading.