Friday, April 26, 2013


Putting aside all the lingo about lies, I have borrowed from a very attractive female friend of mine what she thinks really took place when Jodi killed Travis.

She feels every stab wound, slash of the throat, shot to the head, was Jodi's way of getting back at every guy who used her for sex and then dumped her. Sure, Jodi was sexually permissive and engaged in the sex, but when it went beyond what she was comfortable with she surrendered and made the fatal attraction mistake of mistaking sex for love.

She believed all her boyfriends in the past loved her, but all they wanted her for was for sex.

When she got into it with Travis on the fatal day, she was basically taking out on Travis all the guys who used her like "a piece of toilet paper" --a phrase she used to describe herself in court.

Travis was no longer Travis on June 4, 2008, but instead he was a composite of every guy she ever had an affair with. Jodi is obviously a very smart young woman, but she initially failed to realize when you are "eye candy" like her there are scores of guys who will feed her any line of BS just to have sex with her.

Jodi came to her senses that fatal night and Travis Alexander represented every guy who used and abused her in the past.

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