Saturday, April 13, 2013


The majority of the ever clueless media always appear to be wheeling out BS excuses for the haters. They say that people are “entitled to their opinion”… and they have “the right to free speech”.

We wouldn’t argue with that under normal circumstances. Yes, everyone IS entitled to their opinion… and everyone DOES have the right to free speech. But the fact is… making death threats and attempting to destroy people’s careers & livelihoods does not fall into EITHER of those categories. And when the Travis Taliban (via Facebook) actively assists and encourages such activity against trial witnesses, well, it’s just turns it all into a farce.

The tweets and other social media posts began appearing by the next week. “You can show your disgust with LaViolette,” they began, and they posted her office phone number and her website, and they suggested that people write negative reviews of her bestselling book on

As of Tuesday, there were more than 500 of them, panning the book and calling LaViolette a fraud and a disgrace.

People also were calling the organizations that had booked her for speaking engagements, trying to persuade them to fire her. Legal observers are not certain if it constitutes witness tampering, slander, or just an expression of free speech.

“It’s the electronic version of a lynch mob,” said retired Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Kenneth Fields. But it is probably a taste of a future to come.

Sree Sreenivasan, chief digital officer and professor of journalism at Columbia University, said he had never seen anything like the attack on LaViolette.

“This is a logical extension of witness intimidation, taken to an extreme conclusion,” he said. But he believes we will see it again. “I imagine this is going to be standard operating procedure in prominent cases,” he said.

And here’s further proof of the media’s attempts to stir up the haters.

To class it as Alyce LaViolette “feeling the social media’s heat” is a gross understatement if you ask me. “Cyber-bullying by the digital lynch mob” would be a far better description.

And with that sort of behavior currently rampant and increasing in ferocity, I just hope none of the haters have any kids or pets. If they do, then we can only guess at the respective state they’d be in. Jeez.

In fact… and I’m just putting this out there for general discussion… there should really be a concerted effort to strictly prohibit any of the haters from reproducing. The offer of a free Xbox should easily tempt them. Not only will it be doing society in general a huge favor, but it’ll also lighten the future welfare burden for the country to boot… rid the world of their potential garbage… and overall make the world a safer place — but I digress…

Moving forwards, and with the trial running for at least another few weeks, be sure to post below to let everyone know how YOU are planning to celebrate on Verdict day.

You see, we are in a NO LOSE position here. Seriously. The M1/DP verdict (as craved by the Taliban retards) has never realistically been on the table from the get go – so we can forget that BS. That ultimately means that WE will be the only ones celebrating – hence my question.

We’ll have to wait and see how the finer points of Bobble-head Judge Pickles final instructions to the jury play out… but IF — (and it’s a really big if) — the jury are not instructed on m2 or manslaughter, then Jodi will be acquitted – just like Casey.

If that turns out not to be the case, then that’s cool too. Why? Because Team Jodi have a truly outstanding chance of blitzing an alternate verdict via the Appellate courts… aided to a massive degree by the countless mistrial motions duly filed in lieu of Martinez’ & Co’s ongoing & very far reaching acts of well documented prosecutorial misconduct, deception & stupidity.

So like I say… it really is WIN-WIN for Team Jodi… and… well… it’s LOSE-LOSE for the clueless Taliban loser retards and their delusional pedo-hugging counterparts.


yahoo said...

Due to the fact that u seem to b a guy who is otherwise respectable I've read much of your blog and joined.I like to read viewpoints that oppose my own and try to see if there is anything I can identify with.In the case of Laviolette and the treatment of her as a result of her testifying in the infamous arias murder trial,I do agree that the treatment toward her was overly harsh.She did know how controversial the case is and knew that she wasn't going to be free of judgement from the masses of pple.who do not think Arias is a victim of domestic abuse.It's obvious to most that she has over exaggerated the circumstances-being the only one left to testify about the specification as to the circumstances of the relationship.She has given conflicting stories and is obviously tring to save her butt.As for Laviolette,she was openly defensive and biased.Why did she have to be so evasive if she stuck by her diagnosis?According to most,not a good witness.Opinions are formed for a reason.I don't think Arias will be aquitted due to the fact that she's guilty no matter how you look at it,but that's just my opinion and I'm entitled to it.There's a fine line between actively pursuing justice and harassment.While it's true Laviolette's testimony seemed more than biased,she does have a right to her opinion and a certain amount of respect as to the change she's made in how pple.looked at domestic violence.I just think she has taken it too far and wants to believe any woman who claims this.It obviously makes women who have actually lived this feel discouraged to get help.She is belittling the problems of others.She is only going by Arias's word and written far as Travis being a child molester..while he has said things in the heat of the moment that don't sound good,it doesn't mean he's a pervert as to little kids.Moreover,men who molest children always have a type,such as lil boy or lil girl.He's also accused of wanting sex from women of appropriate age and also pursuing married women.Any professional will tell u,these pervs have a type,they don't just want to violate anyone and everyone.Arias is just throwing everything to the wall to see what will stick.Then she claims she continued to have sex w/him to stop him from "molesting lil boys".One should not let what Alexander has said in the heat of the moment(prompted by Arias)to be taken as gospel.They had a consenting relationship and both had what most would view as a pretty wild sex life.Consent is the main thing here.Not just that but the cheering on of dirty talk and nasty encounters.The braids?I saw pics on TV of her wearing pigtails while with the ex,(bobby or whomever)so that's her thing.Travis liked it.I wear the same braids and I certainly am not told to do so as a result of some perverted twisted sex life which I feel compelled to "go along"with to prevent the rape of little boys.I think anybody should look at this case objectively and look at both sides of the coin.Arias is just as perverted as he was, but he's no longer here to testify and explain in depth like Arias has been able to do.Do you really take everything she says as gospel??If so u have fallen under her spell.Your believing her regardless of the opposing evidence.This case has captured my interest since 2 or so yrs.ago.i know every aspect about it.I just feel so badly for him and his family and the ignorance of this woman who could care less.

Bill Corcoran said...

Growing up on the tough southside of Chicago, I have known Travis types all my life. If Travis had lived in my "hood," I doubt if he would have ever reached the age to abuse Jodi and other women like he did. Guys like Travis always seemed to have an "accident." I would suggest you watch how Jennifer Willmott is destroying Janeen DeMarte. I laughed my ass off tonight because even Dr. Drew was left speechless after Willmott got through reaming DeMarte a new a**hole. She will be back for more Wednesday.