Tuesday, April 16, 2013


When is Judge Sherry K. Stephens going to tell theTravis Alexander family (especially those two ugly sisters) to stop rolling their eyes and shaking their heads? They have been told before the trial started that they are NOT to register any signs of disgust or joy or face the possibilty of being removed from the courtroom.

Yesterday Judge Stephens placed the two Alexander sisters and their brother two rows behind Jodi Arias and attorney Jennifer Willmott in the empty jury box.

Then when the attorney were debating about a picture taken of Travis Alexander minutes before he was killed with the picture in full view, the Alexander sisters started to cry.

For God's sake Travis Alexander has been dead for five years. Stop the grandstanding.

Here is a video of how HLN's Nancy Grace "reported" on the incident in her never-ending attempt to make sure Jodi Arias gets the death penalty. And HLN has the audacity to call what Nancy Grace does as "reporting." BS. It's propaganda for the jury who I'm sure are home watching HLN every night even though they are told not to do so.



Anonymous said...

You are a fool. Your comment about the looks of the sisters completely discredits you as being totally immature, and obviously insensitive.

Bill Corcoran said...

BS. All the sisters do is mug--especially the youngest one. It has been five years since "Twat" Alexander died. They sicken me with their crying.

Bill Corcoran is an idiot said...

You are a sick and very angry individual, Mr Corcoran. I hope you get the help you so desperately need.

Beth Dodson said...


Just a tad of constructive criticism, The below the belt comments are unbecoming I must admit. I find the sisters to be freshly wounded, after reading my post I would think you might understand how the family of an abuser reacts.


Bill Corcoran said...

I would suggest you read the comment from LeBoo in this post from my Current News site: