Sunday, March 31, 2013


Iraq is again teetering on the brink of complete collapse.  Good thing Dick Cheney isn't in office anymore or he would cook up some lies to have his back in the thick of things in Iraq.

Watch video here:

GRAPHIC: Raw Iraq War Footage |

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Michael Howard said...

The Dayton,Ohio Fraternal Order of
Police Lodge in the period after the 911 attacks told the Federal Government that I was some kind of a
threat or security risk. I was followed around for years, my mothers house had ALL OF THE DOORS
ripped from the hinges, windows opened, thus resulting in all of her
furniture being stolen. She walked
away from her home after that. She
did not tell me. My wife's car was
in the garage and was also lost.
Mom is a retiree from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. I am an
Army veteran. Dad was an Airman and
a civilian worker at the base. He is buried at the Veterans Administration. We are victims of the DARK SIDE OF DICK CHENEY and the War He Fought On The Dark Side.
I took a class at The University of Dayton gaining access to the Air Force Museum where I publicly
spoke of my families patriotic past
hoping to clear the family name.
I have had thousands of dollars in
property removed from my homes over
approximately 20 years.