Sunday, December 23, 2012


It will be worth the price of admission to watch how NRA exec WAYNE LaPIERRE rolls over NBC's DAVID GREGORY on this mornings edition of "Meet the Press." GREGORY will let LaPIERRE get away with "murder" and will refuse to challenge him on his ridiculous idea of putting cops in every school in America.


The "fiscal cliff" is not the most important topic in the eyes of Americans, but you would never know it by watching the hideous Sunday morning TV shows who want to devote almost the whole time to the "fiscal cliff" and dump the massacre in Newtown Conn. to a side-bar story even when polls indicate Americans are more interested in what is going to be done about assault rifles than the "fiscal cliff."


Fox News trio of Sunday morning slugs are already talking about the Benghazi, Libya attack that ended up with 4 Americans dead, but refuse to mention to Sandy Hook school slaughter that killed 20 young kids and 6 adults, and also how Bush and Cheney lied us into a war with IRAQ that cost 4,700 young American lives.


NRA exec WAYNE LaPIERRE will guest on NBC's "Meet the Press" only Sunday morning because he know host DAVID GREGORY will give him the kid glove treatment and let the NRA off the hook for in anyway being responsible for the slaughter in Newtown, Connecticut.


The "fiscal cliff" is NOT the most important topic on the minds of American, but the massacre at the Sandy Hook school is yet the four Sunday morning TV shows will devote almost all their time discussing the "fiscal cliff" and ignore what Americans want to hear about and that is what is the NRA going to do about assault rifles and ammo that can fire 30 rounds in seconds.

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