Monday, December 17, 2012


In the wake of the dreadful Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, FOX NEWS and the NRA have launched a series of misleading statements in an effort to put a stop to the public's demand for stricter gun laws.

Both FOX NEWS and the NRA are attempting to shift the attention to people who suffer from mental illness as the reason why Adam Lanza went on a shooting rampage with a Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle killing 20 children ages six and seven and six school administrators and teachers and Lanza's mother.

FOX NEWS, who obviously know nothing about mental illness, have gone so far as to say everyone with some form of mental illness should periodically be subjected to an evaluation to see if they might be a danger to society.

What FOX NEWS fails to realize is a person with mental illness could go off their psychiatric meds and within a matter of a few days turn into a psychopathic killer.

It is also noteworthy to point out, FOX NEWS is one of the strongest advocates for cutting mental health funding by both the Federal government and state governments.

The upshot is FOX NEWS and the NRA will do and say anything to block any legislation which might be proposed to tighten gun sale loopholes or the sale of semi-automatic weapons.

The weapon Adam Lanza used was a Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle and police authorities say he fired between three and eleven bullets into each of the victims.

In the coming weeks, FOX NEWS and the NRA will be pulling out all the stops to deflect attention away from guns, especially semi-automatic rifles, to mental illness, poor parenting or anything else they can come up with just so they can maintain 271 MILLION guns that are now in the hands of Americans all across the country.

Myths and lies about guns has to be broken and here is a link to five common myths and lies the gun lobby, the NRA and FOX NEWS advocate:

Bill Corcoran,

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