Thursday, December 20, 2012


How did ADAM LANZA, the 20-year old who slaughtered a total of 26 children and adults, get a bullet-proof vest and a Black Ninja Warrior suit before he went on his shooting spree at the Sandy Hook Elementary school killing 20 innocent six and seven year olds and six school teachers and administrators?

Newtown, Connecticut, scene of the crime, is a one stop light town and there couldn't be too many places in town selling bullet-proof vests and Black Ninja Warrior body armor suits.

Law enforcement authorities and the media have been concentrating on the firepower Adam Lanza used in the mass shooting, but nobody has mentioned how he would have been able to buy a bullet-proof vest and the Black Ninja Warrior suit Lanza was wearing.

In fact, the new Task Force headed up by Vice President Joe Biden should expand the investigation beyond enforcing gun laws and into looking into stores that sell bullet-proof vests and Black Ninja Warrior gear because that would be a sure sign somebody is up to no good.

As for the bullet-proof vest, the only people who should be allowed to buy one should be law enforcement officers or security guards, and then they should have to prove their identity with the proper identification.

Black Ninja Warrior suits were worn by the two shooters at the Columbine school mass murder and by Adam Lanza in his shooting spree last week at the Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

Fox News continues to try to shift the focus from guns and gun control to mental illness, video games, violent movies and television shows as the primary cause of the killing spree by Adam Lanza in Connecticut.

The Fox News attempt to downplay guns as the cause of the killings is nothing more than a smokescreen that doesn't hold water when held up to the 3,000 gun-related murders every year in the United States that are not mass murders by a mentally ill person or persons, but instead from robberies, drive-by shootings, gang violence, domestic violence and murder/suicide cases not carried out by someone with mental illness problems.


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