Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The scandal which forced former Army Gen. David Petraeus to resign as director of the CIA has expanded and now includes Gen. John Allen who is in charge of U.S. military forces in Afghanistan.

According to this news report and video http://tiny.cc/n8qqnw Gen. Allen sent between 20,000 and 30,000 emails to Tampa socialite Jill Kelly who is married to a surgeon.

Kelly and her husband have their own share of skeletons in their closet and owe millions to a bank in Tampa Florida.

Fox News, as would be expected, is trying to pin the whole mess on President Obama even though Obama was not told about Petraeus until two days after the election when he received the resignation lettter from Petraeus. 

Gen. Allen, at this writing, claims there was no romantic involvement with Jill Kelly inspite of the fact he sent her upwards of 30,000 emails. 

We still have 68,000 troops in Afghanistan and one can only imagine what they are thinking as this story unfolds about their former commander, Gen. David Petraeus, and the current commander Gen. John Allen.



VaneSSa said...

Annoying e-mails and Twitter posts can now be used as evidence for sexual impropriety?

Bill Corcoran said...

Vanessa, It looks that way. There is also a little thing called the UCMJ (Universal Code of Military Justice) which could be used on Petraeus and Allen.

Ringo said...

Given both of their lengthy stint in Afghanistan, I'm just glad both Petraeus and Allen are not addicted to heroin.

Bill Corcoran said...

Ringo....Maybe they are....Bill