Wednesday, June 15, 2011


There is a report on the foreign media today that our State Department is secretely in negotiations with Afghanistan to build bases and keep our troops in Afghanistan for another 10 to 20 years.

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Anonymous said...

Are you on crack? Really? Get your head out of your ass. You believe that shit?

Bill Corcoran said...

I posted a story on FACEBOOK the other day from a reliable news source in the Middle East saying the plans are in the works to establish bases in Afghanistan and our troops would be there another 10 to 20 years. The mainstream media in the totally worthless when it comes to covering the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. You also probably don't know that Iraq is falling apart and violence in on the upswing. Al Maliki ordered the U.S. delegation of Congressman out of Iraq because Congressman Dana Rohrbach told Iraq the U.S. wants to be paid back for all the money we spent on their stupid country. There is nothing can be done about the 5,000 young Americans who were KILLED saving Iraq.

Bill Corcoran said...

Anonymous: I suggest you read this from U.K Guardian.

Standingbear said...

Thanks Bill for keeping us abreast of what is really happening in and around the US and World. I am glad to have found your site. I feel as does many Americans do that there are things being said and done that is not being told or reported that will affect the lives of us all in the years ahead and from the look of things it all will be bad. Please keep on telling it like it is and thanks for not whitewashing or watering down the news. As to respond to Anoymous, it is you who needs to get your head out of your behind. You are just like many others who listen to the news each night and believe every word they say. If they told you Chocolate Ice Cream has alwaays been Vanilla and Vanilla was Strawberry, you would believe every word. The only way you will ever believe the truth is when it hits you square in the face and then it will be too late. I pray you will open your eyes and your heart to what is really going on around you.

Bill Corcoran said...

Standingbear: Thanks so much for your thoughtful and insipirational comment. As for "Anonymous," I'm used to people like him/her because I was a reporter/columnist for over 40 years and people like that are part of the job.
As you know, President Obama will announce a troop drawdown Wednesday and early reports it will be 10,000 troops coming home from Afghanistan. Yhe military brass are not happy with the President's decision, but that is par for the course.
Thanks again, Bill