Sunday, May 1, 2011


For anyone who thinks Iraq has turned into Disney World I suggest reading the latest security incidents that have taken place all across Iraq.

Reported Security Incidents


Colonel Nouzad Talabani, a senior officer in the intelligence service of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, is assassinated. This is interesting in a couple of ways. First, despite the creation of a Kurdistan regional government in 1992, and the demotion of the PUK and the KDP from rival regional governments to political parties, it turns out the PUK retains it's own security force and bestows military ranks. Second, it's interesting that somebody would want to kill this guy. Hmmm. AFP has additional details.


Suicide attack on an Iraqi army patrol kills 7 people, 4 soldiers and 3 civilians, and injures 15.


Sticky bomb attached to a teacher's car kills him. Xinhua also reports a 6 year old child is injured by a roadside bomb just north of the city.

Armed men storm the home of a Sunni cleric and kill him, his wife and child.

Gunmen wearing police uniforms invade the home of four brothers who were Sahwa members and kill them all.

Tarmiyah, north of Baghdad

Roadside bomb injures 2 people.


Bomb planted in a commercial area injures 3 people. Separately, a roadside bomb in southern Baghdad injures 4.

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