Monday, March 21, 2011



Roadside bomb kills 1 civilian, injures 7 people, including 3 police, in central Baghdad. A few minutes later, a second bomb injures 6 people, including 3 police. Aswat al-Iraq gives different casualty totals -- see next link.

Mortar attack on security headquarters in Baladiyat district, no word on casualties.

VoI describes 4 separate explosions late Saturday and (apparently) early Sunday, killing 3 and injuring 22. Attack on an army patrol in Aadhamiya kills 2 soldiers and one civilian, injures 6 soldiers an 1 civilian. Explosion in a road tunnel in Aadhamiya also injures 4 persons. Attack on an army patrol in al-Shaab injures 5 soldiers, and an explosion in Karrada injures 4 civilians.

al-Sherqat, Salhudin Province

Two Turkish nationals, employed by the Iraqi government to build a school, are kidnapped by unknown gunmen. (This strange policy of employing foreigners on government projects apparently continued. With unemployment at unacceptable levels in Iraq, it is difficult to explain. -- C

Other News of the Day

Director of the Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council says it has released nearly 13,000 prisoners in the past two months, either through acquittal or pardon. Large scale detentions have provoked demonstrations recently. It is not clear, but one suspects many of these prisoners were among those turned over to Iraqi control by the U.S. -- C

Hey kids! Did you know that Operation Iraqi Freedom began on March 20, 2003? Yes, today is the eighth anniversary of the day of Shock and Awe. It seems a few hundred people in California noticed, but hardly anybody else did. Down the memory hole . . .

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