Saturday, May 17, 2008


There are many insiders who tell me the Bush administration plan is to launch an air strike on Iran right after Labor Day. The idea is this will help John McCain get elected because the old "saw" of not changing a horse in mid-stream will then be used during the run up to the election.

Bush signaled as much when he was in Israel earlier this week His speech to the Israeli government was more important for what he didn't say than what he did say.

Bush was signaling that the United States is making preparations to go to war against Iran.

The media got it all wrong, as usual, and focused on what they assumed was Bush taking a swipe at Barack Obama. The mainstream press corps was once again duped by the Bush administration.

Bush visit to Israel revives talk of a strike on Iran

By Dion Nissenbaum McClatchy Newspapers

JERUSALEM — President Bush's historic speech to the Israeli parliament was as telling for what it didn't say as for what it did.

In 22 minutes, Bush offered one of the strongest demonstrations of support for Israel ever made by an American president. And he reawakened lingering hopes among hawks in Israel or the United States for a U.S. military strike to thwart Iran's nuclear program.

Israel's Army Radio reported Friday that the possibility of an American strike on Iran was raised in private discussions during Bush's visit.

And Mark Regev, spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, said that the Israeli prime minister and American president were "on the same page" on the issue of Iran.

"Both Israel and the United States agree that tangible steps have to be taken, that we cannot sit idly by and see Iran develop a nuclear weapon and that the international community has an obligation to take tangible steps to prevent that from happening," said Regev.

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Anonymous said...

I think if Bush brings The U.S. in an all out war, there won't be an election! If I'm right about this, if the U.S. is in an all out war HE will continue to be in office. If This is the case, GOD HELP US ALL!!!

Bill Corcoran said...

I have heard the same thing. In fact, my contacts in Washington tell me the plan would be circumvent the election and keep Bush in power if we go to war with Iran. Crazier things have happened, and I don't put anything past Cheney and Rove.

Anonymous said...

This Scares me so much! Everything I read, and evrything I have seen in the past months has lead me to really be in fear of this happening! I don't want this for my kids! I don't want this for anyone! We all know the draft would be instated. I don't want my son to go into a war that I don't believe in nor does he! Between the papaers the internet and the new channals, it is almost like I am reading a count-down til it happens! With the Trial of the Bush/Cheney coming up next month it is a sure fire way to put that on hold!!! I think that the housing mess was a dirty way of moving people away from the bigger military bases that way when it comes to our soil evacuation is less complicated and insurance companies wouldn't have to pay for the damage that happens in the time of war! If you look where the biggest forclosures rates are it would be an interesting theory which can make your brain hurt!

Bill Corcoran said...

Thanks for your comments. You make some very valid points. I will continue to bring you and other readers of my blog the latest on what the Bush administration is planning on doing so they can insure holding on to the White House.

Anonymous said...

What's the "trial of the Bush/Cheney". Did I miss something?

Bill Corcoran said...

There is a movement by John Conyers of Michigan to bring up Bush and Cheney on war crimes.

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of info. here. I have to find the story. The trial is suppose to start next month. I think it is suppose to start 6/26/08. I will try and find the story I read about it. I have read so much at so many places it's hard to remember it all.

Bill Corcoran said...

Thanks for the info. You might want to check out this site too:

They use a lot of my blog posts.

Bill Corcoran

Anonymous said...

Here is a link and story for some of what I have read.

ACLU Lauds House Judiciary Committee on Torture Investigation (5/7/2008)

In Historic Move, Chairman Conyers Subpoenas David Addington

For Immediate Release
Contact: (202) 675-2312 or

Washington, DC - The American Civil Liberties Union lauds the House Judiciary Committee and especially its chairman John Conyers (D-MI) and subcommittee chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) for compelling former members of the Bush administration to appear before the committee as part of an investigation of the authorization of illegal torture of prisoners in US custody by the highest public officials in the executive branch.

"The House Judiciary Committee is setting in motion something that should have started four years ago when the public learned about the torture of prisoners in US custody at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo bay detention facilities." said Caroline Fredrickson, director of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office. Fredrickson added that the ACLU urges the committee to "focus clearly on who did what at the highest levels of government, and whether crimes were committed. It's time to legally compel Bush's team to tell the truth."

"The investigation must be independent and focus on the highest levels of government," said Senior Legislative Counsel Christopher Anders. "It's time to conduct a full investigation to determine what laws may have been broken and whether crimes were committed."

Yesterday, the House Constitution Subcommittee met for a hearing on torture and there is clear congressional interest in this issue, as 12 of 13 members of the subcommittee were in attendance.

The ACLU suggests to the committee that in addition to John Ashcroft, John Yoo and David Addington, there are others who should be compelled to appear. George Tenet, Douglas Feith and Condoleezza Rice should be compelled to testify if they will not come before the committee voluntarily.

Fredrickson said that a thorough investigation will "go a long way toward making sure that the next Administration does not illegally torture people in US custody."

In October 2003, the ACLU filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for records concerning the treatment of prisoners in U.S. custody abroad. While more than 100,000 pages of government documents have been released in response to the ACLU's FOIA lawsuit, the government continues to withhold many vital records and litigation is ongoing.

To see the ACLU's letter asking for a special counsel to investigate torture go to:

The documents received in the ACLU's FOIA litigation are online at:

Bill Corcoran said...

Thanks. I'll read it and may use some of it.

Anonymous said...

Iran busts CIA terror network

This is really crazy! If this is really true, we are in worse shape than everybody thought we were! I would love to hear your thoughts after you read this. I got this from a link that of coarse lead me to another link. Just when you think you know some of what is going on you find a story like this!

Bill Corcoran said...

I'm glad you found my blog by going to Citizens for Legit Government. That is an excellent site and you should bookmark it.

Yes, the Bush administration appears to be making plans to launch an air strike on Iran right around Labor Day.

It will be used to gin up support for McCain and there is the other remote possibility it will be used to extend Bush's stay in office.

Anything can happen. Keep watching my blog and CLG for the latest information.