Monday, April 28, 2008


The US military continues to say the "surge" is working, however on Sunday alone 179 Iraqis were killed and another 131 wounded.

The Green Zone was hit by mortar attacks and at this time it is still unclear if there have been any casualties.

Meanwhile, back in the United States the mainstream media continues to treat the Iraq war like it was all over. Seldom are there reports on the violence that is escalating in Iraq, and April saw the highest number of IED attacks on US troops in months.

Sunday: 179 Iraqis Killed, 131 Wounded; Mass Graves Found
Updated at 12:25 a.m. EDT, April 28, 2008

At least 101 bodies were found in two separate mass graves. Another 78 people were killed or found dead, and 131 more were wounded in other violence. No Coalition deaths were reported.
In political news, several dozen lawmakers from different blocs staged a sit-in, asking that the blockade of Sadr City and the military operations there be ended. Meanwhile, attempts at bringing boycotting Sunni politicians back into the Shi'ite-led government are underway.
Fifty bodies were recovered from a grave in al-Kabba. The victims had been bound and handcuffed, and the bodies were in varying states of decomposition. The village is in the greater Baquba area, where numerous mass graves have been found.
Another 51 bodies were found in Mahmudiya, just south of Baghdad. Authorities have found a number of mass graves there in recent weeks. Family members were able to identify some of the victims.
In Baghdad, six dumped bodies were found. A pair of roadside bombs killed an Iraqi soldier and wounded six people in Mansour. In Maalif, five people were killed and 15 more were injured during clashes. A suicide bomber killed three people and wounded nine others in Zayouna. A roadside bomb in Shabb killed three policeman and wounded 14 people. In Kadhimiya, mortar fire left one dead and six wounded. Five people were injured during shelling in Baladiyat. Mortars fell in the Green Zone, but no casualties were reported. A roadside bomb targeting a U.S. patrol in Amin failed to cause casualties, but mortars that fell there killed one person and injured seven more. Also, U.S. forces reported killing 22 gunmen who attacked a checkpoint in northeastern Baghdad.
Overnight clashes in Sadr City left 10 people dead and 43 wounded. Women and children were among the casualties. Also, U.S authorities reported killing seven suspects in separate incidents.
In Mosul, clashes left one civilian dead and another injured. A civilian was shot and killed during a separate incident. Two separate roadside bombs left four injured. Two civilians were injured when gunmen attacked a checkpoint in southern Mosul. Four policemen were killed during a suicide bombing. Also, gunmen shot dead a man and a woman in central Mosul.
In Diyala province, one Awakening Council (Sahwa) leader was killed and three others were wounded in separate incidents. A police officer was killed and three others were injured when their vehicle overturned after coming under fire from gunmen. Also, three Iraqi army servicemembers were arrested in connection with the escape of an al-Qaeda leader.
A woman was killed and four civilians were wounded when their vehicle struck a roadside bomb planted in Samarra.
An Iraqi soldier was killed during a drive-by shooting in Tuz Khormato. Also, two men and a woman were arrested after an explosives belt was discovered in their possession.
Gunmen killed a police officer outside his home in Diwaniya.
A roadside bomb in Ninewah province killed two policemen and wounded five others, including civilians.
The body of a policeman was found near Baiji.
Seven suspects were captured in Basra.
Four suspects were arrested in Karbala.
In al-Shatra, security forces freed a hostage.
Two policemen were gunned down in Tikrit.
Gunmen attacked the al-Khaldiyah police station near Ramadi. One gunman was killed. Two gunmen and two policemen were injured.


BillyWarhol said...

god ya don't hear about that on the Nightly News or CNN*

CNN did have a Soldier on today who lost both his Legs in Iraq* I think the American People need to see more of that - Every Night + Day til they Wake Up + March down to the Whitehouse + Yank Bush + Cheney's Ass outta there!!

They are thee only ones who can put a Stop to this Mess* Obviously they could give a Shit less about these Iraqi Deaths - it's disgusting*

World Cant Wait


Bill Corcoran said...

Thanks Billy: Good to hear from 'ya.

I agree with everything you said.

Keep plugging away. We need people like you.

Bill Corcoran