Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Yes, Virginia, there is still a war going on in Iraq even though the mainstream media in the United States has placed the Iraq War on the back burner.

Iraq continues to be a quagmire of chaos with killings by suicide bombers, random acts of shootings, and more recently reports the U.S. military has killed at least 12 Iraqi citizens in two separate incidents.

Iraq is anything but the restive and peaceful country Fox News and other media outlets in the United States paint when they do on manage to squeeze in a few snippets of news about the Iraq war.

Below is just a small sampling of what has been taking place in Iraq over the past three days. There is no letup in the violence and the "surge" is more a public relations ploy than a reality.

Commentary by Bill Corcoran, editor and host of CORKSPHERE,
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Washington PostIn Iraq, Three Wars Engage U.S.
Three separate but related wars are being waged in this country now, and the third one, against Shiite extremists, is the most worrisome, according to the commander and senior staff of the U.S. Army division patrolling Baghdad.

News Current Time in Baghdad: 11:37:12 PM

02/05/08 Reuters: Three Iraqi national police kidnapped on Saturday
Shi'ite militants kidnapped three Iraqi national police officers from a police checkpoint on Saturday in Ur district in northern Baghdad before releasing them hours later, the U.S. military said.

02/05/08 Reuters: U.S. forces arrest eight suspected Sunni militants
U.S. forces arrested eight suspected Sunni militants during operations on Friday and Saturday in southern Baghdad, the U.S. military said.

02/05/08 AP: 3 Iraqis killed during U.S. raid
Three Iraqis were killed, including a woman, and at least one child was injured after American soldiers stormed a tiny one-room house north of Baghdad and opened fire, U.S. and Iraqi officials said Tuesday.

02/04/08 Reuters: Roadside bomb kills 3 Iraqi soldiers in northern Baghdad
A roadside bomb killed three soldiers and wounded two others when it struck their vehicle in northern Baghdad's Adhamiya district, a member of a neighbourhood police unit said. Two members of the local police unit were wounded in gunfire...

02/04/08 Reuters: Iraqi and U.S. forces kill 7 gunmen in Salman Pak
Iraqi and U.S. forces killed seven gunmen, wounded another one and arrested 28 suspects during air assaults targeting al Qaeda near Salman Pak, 30 km (20 miles) south of Baghdad, the U.S. military said.

02/04/08 Reuters: Gunmen ki9ll 3 policemen in Mosul
Gunmen killed three policemen in two separate drive-by shootings in Mosul, 390 km (240 miles) north of Baghdad, police said.

02/04/08 Reuters; Roadside bomb wounds 2 in Kirkuk
A roadside bomb aimed at a police patrol wounded two civilians in Kirkuk, 250 km (155 miles) north of Baghdad, police said.

02/04/08 Reuters: U.S. forses kill 15 militants northeast of Khalis
U.S. forces killed 15 militants and detained eight other suspects in an operation on Sunday to target a suspected al Qaeda meeting place northeast of Khalis, 80 km (50 miles) north of Baghdad, the U.S. military said.

02/04/08 Reuters: Gunmen kill foreign ministry official in southwest Baghdad
Gunmen killed a foreign ministry official in a drive-by shooting in western Baghdad's Mansour district, police said.

02/04/08 Reuters: Roadside bomb wounds 2 policemen in southwest Baghdad
Two policemen were wounded by a roadside bomb southwest of Baghdad, police said.

02/04/08 Reuters: Roadside bomb wounds 2 in northwestern Baghdad
Two people were wounded by a roadside bomb planted under their car in northwestern Baghdad's Hurriya district, police said.

02/04/08 Reuters: Gunmen kill bus driver in Baquba
Gunmen killed the driver of a minibus and a girl in a drive by-shooting near Baquba, 65 km (40 miles) north of Baghdad, police said. The girl's brother was wounded.

02/04/08 ynet: Turkish warplanes bomb Kurdish area along Iraq-Turkey border
Five Turkish fighter jets bombed suspected Kurdish rebel hideouts Monday in northern Iraq, a senior Kurdish official said. No casualties were reported.

02/04/08 MCT: Iraqi women struggle to survive as violence claims their men
About 155,000 Iraqis have died from the violence in Iraq during the nearly five years since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, according to a study by the Iraqi Family Health Survey Study Group in collaboration with the World Health Organization

02/04/08 NYTimes: U.S. troop rules in Iraq made public
American military forces in Iraq were authorized to pursue former members of Saddam Hussein's government and terrorists across Iraq's borders into Iran and Syria, according to a classified 2005 document that has been posted on an independent Web site.

02/03/08 NYTimes: U.S. Says It Accidentally Killed 9 Iraqi Civilians
American forces said Sunday that they had accidentally killed nine Iraqi civilians and wounded three in a strike aimed at militants of Al Qaeda south of Baghdad, acknowledging what appeared to be one of the deadliest cases of mistaken identity...

02/03/08 Observer: Iraq veterans are denied help for combat trauma
Hundreds of veterans, including many who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, are being denied vital help by the government to cope with the psychological fallout of war.

02/03/08 NYTimes: U.S. military reaches for landmark in spending
As Congress and the American public focus on more than $600 billion already approved in supplemental budgets to pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and other counterterrorism operations, the Bush administration has with little...

02/03/08 iht: Iraqi official and 2 Americans wounded in bombing
A bomb exploded inside an office at the Diyala provincial headquarters Sunday and wounded a local politician and two American soldiers who were meeting, according to Iraqi police officials.

02/03/08 AFP: Baghdad drowning in sewage - Iraqi official
Baghdad is drowning in sewage, thirsty for water and largely powerless, an Iraqi official said in a grim assessment of services in the capital five years after the US-led invasion.

02/03/08 AP: Families of civilian hostages frustrated by lack of information
After 14 months of waiting for the rescue of her son, a civilian who was kidnapped in Iraq, Jackie Stewart feels like a hostage too.

02/03/08 AP: Iraq issues law to return some Baath party jobs
Iraq's presidency council on Sunday issued a controversial law that allows lower-ranking former Baath party members to reclaim government jobs, the final step for the first U.S.-backed benchmark approved by parliament.

02/03/08 LATimes: Former Hussein supporters live in fear in Iraq
First, the attackers beat the retired Baghdad municipality worker, his wife and their daughter in their home last weekend. Then they beheaded them. The only clear motive people could think of for such brutality was that the dead man...


libhom said...

The corporate media are determined to promote corporate interests. They will have kept us there in Iraq for five years by the end of March.

Bill Corcoran said...

We have been in Iraq longer than it took to wage World War II.