Sunday, January 13, 2008


The mainstream media in the United States has been praising President Bush for arranging one of the 18 benchmarks originally outlined for the reconcilliation of Iraq. However, the media is not reporting there is a difference of opinion with one of the leading Iraqi chiefs who opposes the U.S. presence in Iraq.

Sahwa congress chief says opposes U.S. presence in Iraq

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Sunday , 13 /01 /2008 Time 8:32:09

Riyadh, Jan 13, (VOI) – The Iraq Sahwa (Awakening) Congress chief said the Sahwa is against the U.S. presence in Iraq, calling on U.S. forces to withdraw and hand the country over to its people because "they are capable of maintaining security."

"The Sahwa council has evidence that Iran was involved in criminal acts inside Iraq," Sheikh Kamal Hammad al-Muajal Abu Risha in an interview with the Saudi edition of al-Hayat newspaper, published on Sunday, not mentioning any details about these "acts."

"The deceased Abdul-Sattar Abu Risha had called on U.S. President George W. Bush, during a meeting with him at the province of al-Anbar, to pull out U.S. troops and hand Iraq over to the Iraqis but the U.S. president replied that it was impossible to do so before making sure security is maintained in the country," He said.After the assassination of his father and six of his brothers by al-Qaeda Organization in Iraq in 2004, Sheikh Abdul-Sattar founded the Anbar Sahwa Council and chaired the Iraq Sahwa Congress, an alliance encompassing 42 clans that pledged to fight al-Qaeda members.The Sahwa tribal fighters managed to flush out armed groups from a number of areas once considered strongholds of gunmen for years.Abdul-Sattar, however, was killed in an improvised explosive device (IED) that targeted his house in al-Ramadi, capital of the predominantly Sunni Anbar.

The attack also left his bodyguard and two other escorts killed and his nephew seriously wounded."The resistance of occupation by all means is a legitimate affair but with current conditions in Iraq we are no longer able to tell the difference between terrorism and resistance. That's why we support the opinion calling for stopping all forms of resistance until security is consolidated in the country. Only then we would demand the departure of occupation forces," said Kamal Abu Risha in his interview.


Mary said...

Great blog - thank you for being a voice for those not being heard in Iraq (and Afghanistan). Good thing we're "bringing them democracy," isn't it. I'd love to see MSM report on the war, let alone replace the "war" with the "illegal occupation" it's been since day we "shocked and awed" a country that was no threat to us. Have you noticed as well that we no longer hear the numbers of casulties any more either without searching for them on the internets?

Thank you for performing this generous, PATRIOTIC service in reporting the truth.

Bill Corcoran said...

Hi Mary:

Thanks for writing. It sickens me how nobody mentions the casualties anymore. The other day 9 of our soldiers were killed and Fox News mentioned it once during the day and then mentioned their deaths in that crawl along the bottom of the sceen. That is so bad.

I'll just keep plugging away. Good luck with your blog, too.